Chapter 1: A new beginning

It is a weird and trusted feeling to write a blog on this website again. I guess I’ve been on hiatus for quite a while and for a reason.
So where do I start? I guess with addressing the elephant in the room, you know, the reason why u haven’t heard from me over the past few months.

I guess u could say my state of mind is as grey as the elephant in the room at the moment. It’s funny how inner demons work I guess. One moment you’re having fun with a beautiful woman and a great selection of beers in Amsterdam and the other moment… Well, you stare at your ceiling for three days straight reminiscing about the past and all your mistakes. It’s not something they teach u in high school or college I guess, then again I never really attended one of those so I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that I’m pretty bad at social media or communication when I feel like this. So I owe an apology to those who tried to get a hold of me. Sorry, it wasn’t a planned thing but still, I should have replied. This blog or diary or whatever u want to call it is a start again to connect and I will do it more often, at least that’s what I’m promising myself.

“Let’s tear down the walls, to build up a paradise”


Did I paint?

The fun part about being wide awake at 2 A.M on a Tuesday is that u have all the time to paint. The past shows (Silence before the storm and the Impeccable bunch) were a success. I mean, usually, I’m pretty closed about my feelings towards my own art, but I was satisfied with the result. I know, I said the S word… I’m changing I guess haha. But to stay on topic, yes I did paint and sketch a lot. But most of my time went towards poetry. The past months I’ve been working under a pseudonym, which gave me some more freedom in working out new things. For those who visited Silence before the Storm, a show between me and Linda Moerland, u probably saw a few poems and photographs of me. Yeah, I guess u could say I wanted to do more than just murals and paintings. Ambitious? Perhaps, but I feel the need to diversify myself more and more in order to accomplish the imagery in my head.

Upcoming shows

I’ll tell you about the shows that are confirmed for a 100%. One thing the art world has taught me in the past 8 years is that anything can happen and I don’t want to make statements that I can’t live up to. So yeah, I’ll be exhibiting work through the Go Gallery again in Amsterdam. Voted best street art gallery during the Dutch Street Art awards in 2017, it’s been an honor and pleasure to work with Oscar and Farud. The last show I did there (With Kevin Ledo and friends) was amazing and they’re lovely people to work with. A down to earth gallery, with love for the art and the artists, which means a lot to me. The show will be held during gay pride, and I will show two pieces that contribute to that day. It’s weird, I never thought I would be a gay rights advocate when I was younger, but it bothers the fuck out of me that there is still so much prejudice towards the L.G.B.T (and all the other letters I’m forgetting) community.

Whenever people ask me where I’m from I’ll say The Netherlands, Amsterdam if you’re American because let’s face it, you never heard of Den Helder. Whenever people ask me which city feels like home, I’ll reply with Peoria, Illinois. The city plays a key role in my career since I fell in love with the city when I was 18. Forget New York, forget L.A, I’m in love with the Mid-west like a Pokey Lafarge song. This year I’m teaming up yet again with Doug and Eileen Leunig and others to host a festival there. Combining film, food, art and street art is one of those projects you talk about every year, but after last years impromptu small festival at C.T Gabberts Art park we’re convinced that this is going to be amazing. This will be in October but I’ll be hitting up the U.S end of September, so If u are interested in doing an extra show, have a wall painted or just hang out just sent me a message and we’ll arrange something.

In between all of this I have some shows and projects lined up that I can’t talk about, yet. But what I can tell u is that I’m working on a new solo project which means a lot to me and is probably going to be the most personal show to date. I know, artists always say it’s going to be bigger, better and personal, all of those cliche statements but I can’t describe it in any other way. So when coming up with the idea to write a blog again, I kinda needed a reason to write and share my stuff. I decided I’d like to keep you all up to date on the projects through blogs. Whether it’s some progress shots of paintings, small clips of spoken word or just a little diary. I want to share it with those who enjoy my work and don’t have the oppertunity
to ask me questions or hang out with me. Then again, if u ever want to hang, you’re more than welcome to hang.


Ard Doko A.K.A Budget Post Malone