Why I took a year off from the public.

After non-stop touring, painting, exhibiting and setting up projects throughout Europe and the USA I decided 2016 was the year to take some time off just to clear my mind. After the show at the museum “De Fundatie” in The Netherlands I got a lot of press coverage and exposure which was great for my artwork and business but I felt a bit overwhelmed and I didn’t know what to do anymore.

So 2016 was about to re-inventing myself which has done me quite good.  I got the chance to get my degree as a barber at the academy of Schorem and invest time in some hobby’s of mine.
The overall question of that year was; “Should I quit art as a profession”? At that time I didn’t know the answer. Don’t get me wrong I love creating but I felt a lot of pressure to keep up with the demand.

Months flew by with the question pondering in my head and I decided that I can’t live a life without creating artwork. I took some commissions and did some live stuff but all without showing it to the public. All went well until September when I suddenly felt a pain in my chest and collapsed in my house.

The doctor is ready to see you now.

As I am writing this blog I’m preparing for surgery. Don’t worry, I’m not going to die anytime soon but I need to take this measure to get back to a 100%. Apparently I’m not God and am still prone to medical defects. Hopefully I’m healing up quick so I can start working on some new series.

Amsterdam Street Art: A trip down memory lane.

The first show were I will be showing my work will be at the Go Gallery in Amsterdam on January the 21st. 130 street artists, ranging from Dutch stencil legend Hugo Kaagman to UK legend “Inkie”. I’m proud to be a part of this sick line up of artists and am really excited to come back to Amsterdam. Cause in the end I was born to bomb.


  1. Hi Ard,it’s true:I wondered why it was silent around you….surgery?I hope not too serieus and you will rock again in life,love and art:xxAnna,from the gallery..you know…

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