Ard Doko

Biography Ard Doko (1991, Den Helder, The Netherlands)

Portrait of Ard Doko - shot by Bastiaan Alexander Picture by Bastiaan Alexander

Born in The Netherlands, Ard Doko has become a prolific artist in urban art. Taking the international street art scene by storm since the age of 18, self-taught artist Doko has shown alongside world-renown artists in community projects, galleries, and art fairs. His artworks have a unique aesthetic, unveiling societal chaos and beauty, and crystalizing taboos in a sublime form.

As a young adult, the artist began exploring art both as a medium for exploration and expression of his surroundings, playing with that dichotomy, in and out. Going against the silence as a norm of his upbringing, he armed himself with spray paint, brushes, and markers to bring controversy into the light.

From brick walls to canvas, Ard Doko walks us through his experiences through multi-layered compositions addressing cultural and identity issues. His work is a manifesto to anyone daring to see that the world is not as black and white as it proclaims to be. It is all about seeing the world differently through the artist’s gaze, who uses eyes as an iconic trademark. The eyes remain a distinct feature in his work - a constant amid chaos - reminding us that the world is always seen through our perception. The eyes are a quintessential art form guiding us through the mist, operating as a reflection of the world intrinsically and a projection of the self into the world. Drawing the subject’s reality, they reveal their truth, even if it is subject to eternal silence.

Showcasing his work worldwide on walls and brick-and-mortar galleries, the artist is well known for supporting projects addressing mental health and LGBTQ+ through commissioned work and community projects, such as “Blue” in Illinois, USA. Other commissions and exhibitions include POWWOW (Rotterdam, NL), Magic Garage (Los Angeles, USA), Lendnine Gallery (Graz, AT), GO Gallery (Amsterdam, NL), Wynwood (Miami, USA), and Blooom Art Fair (Cologne, DE), and Museum de Fundatie (Zwolle, NL) among others. Ard Doko has shown alongside artists Shepard Fairey, The London Police, Max Zorn, and Joseph Klibanksy.