Amsterdam Street Art – 2017 till present – Chief Editor

Since 2010, Amsterdam Street Art has been bridging the gap between street artists and the community. In order to overcome this hurdle, we as an organization, use several platforms such as social media, pop-up shops, art exhibitions and festivals. We began with the first Amsterdam Street Art Festival in 2010 which has become an annual major event. Additionally, we help various other organizations with organizing street art at their events.

What is interesting to note is that we have an organic social media reach of 1.2 million people per week, which we are very proud of. Particularly Facebook serves as a great platform for us to showcase the most inspiring street art day by day. The social media channels serve the purpose of giving attention to local street art and their artists to our international audience, as well as shedding light on as many international artists as possible for our Dutch audience.

My main role at ASA as Chief Editor is to lead my team of editors in writing and publishing solid, interesting and creative articles about street-art and the culture around street-art. Besides writing and interviewing, I’m also responsible for any strategic choices regarding our website. Whether it’s a shift in content creation, publishing a new limited print or designing a new layout with the team. At the end of the day, ASA’s ambition is to provide the public with great content about urban-art.