Big Picture Street Festival USA - Artist & Organisation - Purposely Driven Art - Central Illinois Arts Organisation (2018)

A street festival with giant mural paintings, interactive art, live music, inflatable sculptures, and the opportunity to collaborate with others in artistic expression. The street festival is a new addition to the Big Picture Festival which previously only implemented film. In 2017 we experimented with a pop-up street-art festival at C.T Gabberts Art Park which consisted out of workshops, live mural art and an art market that became quite the success. Now in 2018, I'm not only one of the mural artists during the festival but also a part of the great team that made this festival come true.
My work consisted of:

- Initiating the Street-art Festival with a dedicated team of art advocates
- Make creative decisions regarding the festival
- Be a live-mural artist
- Building an online community in preparation for the festival