2014 - Central Illinois Artists Organization - Purposely Driven Art (USA)

The main intention with the "Blue" mural was to raise suicidal awareness in Illinois. There is still a huge stigma regarding mental health (not only in the Midwest but worldwide) and with this mural, we wanted to create a safe environment for people to start a dialogue. However, Peoria's city-hall passed a bill which made it unable for us to paint directly on the walls in that particular district, so we had to come up with a new solution. This delayed our project a bit but after multiple meetings, we came to an agreement that public art could be possible if we would display it on a surface mounted to the building, all within the legislation regarding advertisement. Due to this new bill we created, we sparked a movement of artists displaying their art on mounted billboard size canvasses throughout the city. Blue is scheduled to be moved to a new building in 2018.