2015 - Museum de Fundatie - Nick en Simon

I got ask to collaborate with Dutch pop-artists Nick & Simon for their new album titled; "Open". During their album launch, they curated an exhibition at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, The Netherlands. 8 Dutch artists got to pick out a song off of the album and make a visual representation of the song by creating an artwork.  I chose the love song "Rome" for this project, giving it a slightly darker meaning than they originally intended.  The image represents love-loss due to human errors. A raven symbolizing the death of a connection, a grey eye as a look into the past, cuts in the hair due to life-experience and paths that show progression in darker times. This project was interesting and a lot of fun to do namely because it's a music genre that is the complete opposite of my taste. Ralph Keuning (Director of Museum de Fundatie) did a great job as well in drawing a new audience to this exhibit and his museum.