2020 TBA
2019 Between Pain and Pleasure (NL)
2017 Plastic fame & disposable razorblades (NL)
2017 Doko does Gabbert Art Park (USA)
2015 Go Gallery presents, Ard Doko (NL)
2014 Deathdance of the Frogfish ( NL)
2014 Blue (USA)
2012 Man vs Wall (USA
2011 Man vs  Wall  (USA)


2019: Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (NL)
2019: Big Picture Festival (USA)
2019: Viva Frida! (NL)

2018: Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (NL)
2018: Big Picture Festival (USA)
2018: Go Gallery presents Pink with Pride (NL)
2018: The imppecable Bunch (w/Kevin Ledo ) (NL)
2018: Stilte voor de Storm with Linda Moerland (NL)

2017: Urban Art Festival: The Art of Painting (w/ Kevin Ledo, Zed1, Karski and others (NL)
2017: Framed beats (w/ Hopare, KBTR, Steen, Jeff Henriquez, Delic, Def.P and others NL)
2017 Teleport Art 3rd Edition (KBTR, Nash, Dopie, Beazariality and others NL)
2017 Grande Finale Go Gallery (Shepard Fairey, London Police  NL)
2017 ASA A trip down memory lane (Go Gallery, Amsterdam, NL)

2015 Open – Museum de Fundatie (joseph Klibansky, Ans Markus, Ruud de wild NL)
2015 Ballocks ( NL)
2015 ACID Gallery (NL)

2014 Blooom awards Art Cologne (GER)
2014 Amsterdam Cat Art show:(Klashorst Gallery NL)
2014 Ard Doko – Titus Brein, Klashorst Gallery (NL)
2014 Kunstenaars bal Tropen Museum (NL)
2014 Purposely driven art (USA)
2014 5 Jaar Amsterdam Outsider art (NL)

2013 Vault17 Vernissage. (NL)
2013 Max Zorn presents: Stick Together (NL)
2013 Art Boulevard (NL)
2013 Art Groupies Unite (Gallery Art Valleggia, NL)
2013 Vault collectors night (NL)

2012 PUP Amsterdam presents (Walls Gallery NL)
2012 Kut en Lul POP UP show (Klashorst Gallery NL)
2012 Saving DePauw’s Butt (Picture This Gallery,USA )
2012 First Friday ( The Atelier, USA )
2012 Man vs Wall  (USA)
2011 The Mill (USA )
2011 Gallery Lendine, Graz (AUS)


2018: Rembrandt Festival (NL)

2017: Framed Beats (NL)
2017 Contemporary art centre w/ Preston Jackson (USA)
2017 Cyd's (Peoria,USA)

2016 Kultura Filipina w/ Gingee (NL)

2014 Young art festival ( NL)

2013 Chemistrylab live at Lua (NL)
2013 Chemistrylab Lil’Kings ( NL)
2013 Art Battle :Sophie Xie, Harry van Gestel, Ard Doko (NL)
2013 Vault 17 (NL)

2013 Mission Tobacco, (Riverside,USA)
2013 Kava Lounge DJ Vadim (San Diego,USA)
2013 Aragon, (Tijuana, MEX)
2013 Airliner (Los Angeles, USA)
2013 Soundpieces (San Francisco, USA)
2013 1 Up  (Reno, USA)
2013 Stone Brewery (Nevada City, USA)
2013 Jambalaya (Arcata, USA)
2013 Kava Lounge (San Diego, USA)

2012 Chemistry Lab (NL)
2012 Saving de Pauw's butt (USA)
2012 Man vs Wall (USA)

2011 Lendnine Gallery (AUS)
2011 Man vs Wall (USA)